Sound the Lunk Alarm, Girl in the Rack

So, other than the whole girls lift weights too thing going on in the world, I came to a realization yesterday (or some day that seems like yesterday to me, who knows).

My last tested 1RM was 125. When I was 125 I couldn’t squat (even once) 100. I got to 95. So now I can squat what I used to weigh, and with an extra 25 pounds on me to boot. That’s kinda cool.

I’m bumping my 5×5s up to 95 next time. My problem is that the compression is beginning to bother me. I’m gonna get to about 105 and then switch to front squats for a bit, which should help. It’d be nice if there was a different place for the bar to go, but since I’m not a guy with huge traps the bar really does just tend to rest too much on my spine… and there’s really no way around it.

Still though, all in all I’m happy. I would have bumped up this time but last time I didn’t start my sets out at 85 so I figured I should make sure I get my entire 5 sets in before bumping it up.

My point? Yes, I grunted. Damn bar hit the safety pins on my way down and threw me off balance… always makes for fun sounds coming out of the Aoife, right before a stream of expletives.

sweet, sweaty dreams…

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