I’m pulling together ideas for my next design project. So far the guidelines are “utilitarian,” “recycled/repurposed,” and “furniture.” I’m thinking a set of shelves to attach to the wall in the alcove that leads to the bathroom/Otto’s office. We could use some small knickknack shelves there. Make it floor to ceiling with the shelves starting about half way up, attaching to the wall on the right (just a snippet of a wall at that) and the wall to its back. hmm. I’ll still need to get it approved.

I have shitloads of boxes, cardboard, plastic bags, old paperback books (that I no longer care about, ripped and 1/2 destroyed anyway), old diskettes (3.5, nothing more old-school than that around that’s useful), old/coastered cds, styrofoam, cans, bottles, office paper, fake credit card thingies (you know, the shit they snail-spam with…. the 0% interest that’s really 35% interest…), scrap plexiglas, scrap wood, and much else in the random miscellaneous crap category. Surely I can do something with this shit, right?

I started on a self portrait last night, in order to calm myself and not toss the computer at the wall. It’s coming along. It’s me, so I don’t have much to say about it. It’s ok, but I’m not really the best subject in the universe, so whatever.

Why do I always spell furniture with an “a” instead of an “i”?

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