New Series

I’m working on a new series of paintings. I’ve decided I need work on people so I’m doing some portraits. I’m getting them up on my Flickr page as I complete them.

The one of Otto is what started the idea, which wasn’t really my initial intention. My intention was to provide motivation, because as one could see on his Traineo page, he wants 2007 to be a repeat of 2002, which was a nice, steep, steady decline in weight. So I thought up a quick painting of his before and after from the general time period composited with a graph of his 2002 weight.

So then I got to thinking that I could seriously use to work on how I render people, so I decided I’d start the portrait series. I think I have a self-portrait slated for next, then a few of people at various parties (because painting people in costume should be fun) and then I’m not sure what. I’m doing other stuff as well, but this is my current concentration outside of the sculptures I’m doing for class. (which I need to get some plaster for… and make some rust…)

I don’t like photo-realism myself, so I tend more toward a graphic, comic style. Heavier on the shadows, planes, and differences in tone, rather than actual spelled out features… simplified, more angular and clean than people really are… etc.

Well, not much more to say on it. Got work to do.

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