Missed yesterday

I didn’t get around to working out yesterday. I was going to in the evening but our plans went awry and instead of working out I ate deep fried crap and sugary deserts at 11pm. Yes, I’m up today. By more than a pound. Awesome.

It was ok… the desert at least, an apple turnover. The meal, of which I didn’t have much, was ok. But the place is a rather expensive place for food (reasonable for drinks and desert) and it wasn’t necessarily worth it to me.

I think seriously I’m usually quite happy with a sugar free pudding or a small cup of gelato or novelties made with splenda. Restaurant deserts are usually less good than you want them to be.

I know why I still had some, it’s just unfortunate, because it wasn’t really out of desire or hunger on my part. Oh well.

I need to lift today. Squats. I should be doing 85 but I’ll prolly do my first set at 75 for a warmup. It’s 5×5s so it’s about on target for the first real go at it, last time it was lowish ramping up to the 85 to 1) not get awful doms and 2) to find the spot to work at since I’m kinda notorious for not being able to know and usually go way too light or way too heavy. So now I know about where I need to be, I should be able to get to 100 for the whole workout in a session or 2. I expect it to go up a few times easily and then it’ll get tough.

I need to stop doing certain things. I know why I do it, but I have got to find a better way of dealing with certain things than doing things that I really don’t want to.

Oh well.

Supposed to be doing some sort of road trip today. Might. But it’s already after 2 and no idea where we might go, nowhere near being ready to leave any time soon, plans this evening since last night didn’t work out, and still need to get workouts in.

I’m getting generally frustrated with some things. I guess I just need to say fuck it and stop caring about everyone else. It’s not about setting an example or making people feel better, I’ve just got to do what I need to and fuck every other person on the planet I suppose. Or something. whatever. forget it.

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