Note to self… I hate forums

Why the fuck do I keep forgetting this little fact? People on the internet act like total retards, say things without thinking, and gleefully gang up on anyone they can about things they do themselves. People spell badly, don’t know the different between lose, loose, and sometimes lost, use obnoxious fucking bits of netspeak and l33t, and are really, really, really fucking annoying.

It really doesn’t matter which forum. In the end, they all have a nice little core group that makes all the rules about what’s right and wrong, what is the best way to accomplish whatever goals, and otherwise makes sure that retarded things happen on a regular basis.

I also need to remember that I really do NOT like people. I can put up with them for a little bit, but inevitably their stupidity shows itself and I have to resist not just reaching through and smacking their retarded asses. They fucking suck the life out of you. Happy to play along when you do and say what they want, quick to be sandy little verginas when you point out the stupidity of their august words.

I’ve met a few people worth knowing over the years in these places… but then again those people disappear from your chat log and inbox if you’re not on that forum, so maybe they weren’t people really worth knowing for so long anyway. Just idle amusement, I suppose.

I really just need to remind myself that the occasional look-see won’t hurt, but I MUST NOT post because I will just get fucking sick of these stupid idiots and their retarded notions about whatever the fucking forum is about. Nitpicky, fluffy, uninformed, misinformed, ill-mannered, loud-mouthed, spite-spewing twits.

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