a new plan

I’ve gone ahead and dropped fatloss 2. It just wasn’t something I was doing. Now I’ve got the combo-set 4-on/1-off thing going again, heavy 5×5s (well, it will be heavy, the first go-round I’m warming up and finding the work set load for next time around, in part to be sure I don’t just jump into the deep end and wind up too sore to continue).

It is about a 15 minute workout. Toss in 15 minutes (at least) of cardio afterward, figuring I’m doing it 5-6 days a week, as well as yoga, occasionally remembering prehab and some core work, the occasional longer cardio, and our evening (recovery) walks we usually get in once a week or so…

I do have some concerns. Last time I did this plan I was already down to 130 and I was just getting myself cut up. I’m 20 over that point, and I have no idea how it’ll affect fatloss. I mean, it will, but I don’t know how slowly or quickly it’ll come off. But, considering that in the last 2 months I haven’t managed to lose much, my weight still fluctuates enough that the 5 pounds “lost” comes back on any given tuesday, I don’t think I can go much slower.

I don’t think I’m losing 15 pounds in this month to get to 135 for my birthday… bummer. I should be able to get to 145, that’s like 7 pounds off this morning’s weight. I’d like 140 but we’ll see.

I’m getting a better handle on a couple things school, workouts… I know I keep saying that but each time I’m getting everything better in tune. I haven’t actually fallen behind or anything this semester, just there has still been the occasional “oh shit, that’s due NOW?” thing going on that I’m trying to work ahead enough to not be a problem.

I’m also gonna try to get in the occasional morning 10 minute cardio (it never happens, but I keep it in mind), and maybe try getting in a few minutes before bed to work off excess energy… I’m sick of not being able to sleep.

I’m still having issues with my energy levels being kinda wild and fluctuating a lot, esp this weekend. I’m still not well enough hydrated. I’ve kept the pop consumption lower than it used to be, but it’s creeped back up a bit, and I’m not drinking enough water. I’ll grab a bottle for class today, that should help.

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