A bit better

After a cardio session and some yoga last night… which I do NOT recommend doing back to back, frickin horsey stance… I’m feeling better. I’m back down today, maybe tomorrow I’ll see under 152… which would be super swell.

I really have to buckle down.
Fatloss 2 isn’t doing it for me. Too many fucking reps. I fucking hate 12 or 10 reps. Hell, I hate 8 reps, but at least I can usually do them. So I guess I’ll follow Otto’s lead and start Strength. Because, seriously, I’m always doing my best and see the best results and am the most committed when I’m lifting heavy.

I’m having this odd reaction where I don’t want to lift. It’s like I’m a fucking girl. Except I’m not being a girl about it, except in that I’m not lifting but turning into a cardio queen… and not a good one at that. I’m hoping it’s all the high(er) rep stuff I’ve been trying to convince myself to do. If it’s not that, I don’t know what it is.

I like actually lifting, but it seems like getting into the room is a huge pile of something to overcome. I don’t know if it’s just the effort required or what, but it’s fucking bullshit and it has to stop. Maybe I’ll do a week or 2 of just general compound movements with heavy weight so that I can keep my workout time low. I think sometimes I dread the amount of time more than anything. That and if I have yoga wednesdays it means I can’t lift monday or tuesday (doms) and I can’t lift wednesday (fatigue) without it affecting yoga and making it suck. That leaves me 4 days a week to lift, and I’m usually not up to it the day after because my joints sometimes hurt depending on what we’ve done.


So anyway, low rep it is. Be all manly and shit. Maybe I’ll run back to Berardi’s Lean, Sexy, and Hard or something. 5×5s are pretty awesome, though making it slightly more balanced (no ab, better back) would probably be in order.


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  1. kitmouse Says:

    Lift heavy, lift hard. I work best when I lift heavy, too. It’s weird–I grew my hair out, and the first time I stepped into the freeweight area I felt like such a GIRL! DAMN! So I flipped my iPod over to a Rob Zombie list and turned it up. Grrrr. ;)

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