So, me memorized me monologue. Me happy. Me gonna wii now and promptly forget it all. :-P

So, it seems the best way for me to memorize things is one line at a time, added onto something else, over and over and over… while doing something else. I’ve memorized it in 2 days by doing it on my drive home from class and whilst grocery shopping. You’d think some pink-haired chick talking to herself in the grocery wouldn’t draw so many odd looks… you’d be wrong. Apparently all the old people thought I was one of them… off my frikkin rocker or something. But… I have it all in my little pink (ok, not so pink anymore) head and there it’ll stay for a short while.

Speaking of issues with my hair. The vast majority of pink went down the drain monday morning in my first wash since the colour. Frikkin bummer. So I’ma gonna need to make another appointment. Sure, it’s supposed to wash a lot out, but seriously, I’m blonde now with a hint of pink here and there.

I just did my wii fitness age. The other night it was 29 (woohoo) and now it’s 40. This thing really sucks. And it always gives ME the boxing ones, not Otto. It totally does NOT like me. But, I’ve bowled a 225 or so… which I hear isn’t half bad… I donno. I don’t like real-life bowling, it’s a dumb “sport.” But I like it when it’s tekken bowling or on my phone or on the wii. So… *shrug*

I think I might have homework tonite I didn’t realize, shoot. Oh well… time to go look and snap to it I guess. I need to cook too. Must stop with the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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