My type 3

So I have a monologue. My instructor gave me some choices and I went with one of those. His idea for my type was “quirky,” “dark,” and “edgy,” and that I’d prolly do better with a comic piece than something more dramatic. He’s right. I think I’d burst out laughing at the sincerity in some really emotional, deep monologue.

The reading of our monologue (well, not reading, cuz we gotta memorize and all, but still) is our midterm. I have no idea if I’m gonna be able to memorize this thing, but at least it’s short.

It’s thursday, I’m exhausted, and I have until saturday to take my econ test (prolly tomorrow sometime). So for now I’m gonna play a bit of game, workout later, and chill. Maybe I’ll cook some and clean some.

Thursdays are kinda nice. I’m on campus all day, so I don’t do anything school related when I get home. It’s nice to not worry about that sort of thing every once in a while. :-)

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