My type

So, we have to find monologues for acting. And, it’s supposed to be a character that is much like our own type, so that we can be believable in the role.

So, sheesh… What the hell should I be looking for here?

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  1. Yurei Says:

    Considering that I’ve never met you, I’d need some more info about your likes, dislikes, habits, etc. Get your friends to tell you who you remind them of in the movies, TV, etc. Personally I don’t think that we are the best judges of ourselves, so that’s what friends are for. (Yeah, I know, big-time cop-out.) ;)

  2. Aoife Says:

    I plan to. But I like to uselessly whine about stuff like this on the interweb.

    And, yeah, that’s the problem. I’m not necessarily a good judge of how I come off to other people. I mean, I know me… but the me I know is usually really different than the me other people seem to know. *shrug*

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