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I’m having a problem today. I found out that I’m late on my econ homework, I thought it was due the 13th, but apparently it was due tuesday the 30th. So I’m spending all damn day doing it all to hand it in late but the nice teacher will accept it. So, I don’t feel like taking out a huge amount of time to work out. Plus, long workouts are boring. And the house is cold because I keep it at 65 during the day.

My solution:
Every 90 minutes I hop on the elliptical for 10 minutes. Get my heart rate up to the 140s, get warmed up, hop off. I need the break by that point anyway, but it becomes something useful, active, and completely physical instead of mental. I’ve gotten 3 in today, with another one coming in about 20 minutes.

Because I can’t let school get in my way anymore, but I also can’t neglect it. Compromise is a good thing. :-)

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