That would be my current cumulative GPA. My Bio grade from last semester finally got fixed and I got the paperwork saying so yesterday. I’m pleased. I am a bit worried this semester.

Hopefully I can rock out an A for Humanities, but at the moment I have no real idea if that’s possible yet, too soon to tell with the type of material, but this is the kind of stuff I can usually bs pretty well, so I’m hopeful.

If I can not screw up econ anymore, I should be able to pull an A out of that one too. It doesn’t seem to hard, but then there’s weird things… I think I overthink some shit and it’ll become an issue if I’m not careful. I’ve already missed one discussion question I should have done, and all the tests are in person, which scares me a little. But, again, I’m hopeful.

Acting… I don’t know. It seems like I can probably get an A. I know the instructor, and so far I’m doing well. But we haven’t gotten any assignments back yet and we’ve yet to do any real acting, so there’s always the chance that I’ll suck hard core. But, this is probably the class I’m most confident in.

Design… I’ve never gotten an A in the studio classes Kelly teaches. It’s the one class where you really need to excel to get an A, and I don’t know. The last few classes it’s taken a bit to get into it well enough to really excel in my projects. There’s a chance. But I’m betting I’ll likely wind up with a B. Won’t mean I won’t try for an A, I’ll work my ass off for it, and I’m starting out better here than any other studio class… but until I see how the first few units go, I’m not sure. I guess it’s… I will put forth the time, effort, and work it takes to get an A. It’s kinda just a matter of whether my shit sucks or is ok or is really awesome. The last few projects last year did get As. It’s certainly possible. But sometimes, the effort isn’t enough. It takes a bit of brilliance on my part, and sometimes it doesn’t seem forthcoming. But as I said, I’m off to a much better start this class, so it’s still a possibility. I need to get my final project from last semester from her as well.

If I can keep it together, I can leave with over a 3.5. If I slip, it’ll be just under. I don’t honestly believe anything lower than a B is actually possible in any of these classes, unless I just toss it in. Every class I’ve gotten a C in (only 2) it’s because there were too many not completed assignments, basically I gave up. If I had done everything in history, I would have gotten a B. Sculpture is the only class I don’t know what I would have had, but I never finished the shoe and so got something like a 40 on it. Who knows. Point is, I’m at least B material in any class I actually do the work for, and this semester is no different. Hopefully my load isn’t too heavy. There’s an actual chance I could pull off all As. It almost happened last semester.

No class tomorrow. Reading, writing, and playing with some paper, string, wire, tape, and skewers. Nothing too tough. I really just need to keep on top of stuff.

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