Damn Back

I have no idea what the fuck is up, but it really hurts. Started mainly around the left lat, but now my whole back has compensated for it or something because it all hurst. Any twisting motion gives me grief. Any reaching is a problem. Simply holding my shoulders back or looking up is hurting. It’s like I need a really deep rub with something warm, or something. Maybe I’ll try foam rolling, but that’s usually not all that effective for me, especially for my back. *sigh*

I’m hungry and it’s dark in here. But it hurts too much to try and fix it. I guess I might not be lifting today, either. I’ve been putting off deads for a couple days because of this. Thought I figured out the problem and would be able to feel better today, but apparently not. dammit. Maybe I can go for a walk or something. Yes, I know it won’t help in many ways since my heart rate has dropped back down… but … sigh

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