Snow Day

So, hot on the heels of my comment about how we’ve missed our day of snow this year… School is closed today due to a bit of snow accumulation on the grass here and there. Maybe I’ll go out and take a few pics in a bit. It really only happens like once or so a year (if that) down here.

So, I’m not in Acting, nor will I be in Humanities, and I’m actually bummed because these classes are cool classes. Oh well.
Instead I’ll be painting some today, doing econ homework, and generally getting shit done. Prolly cook some more stew and some chicken… really it’ll prolly be a kinda boring day.

I’m a bad influence. Otto is working from home. But that’s mostly because people around here canNOT be trusted on the roads if there’s snow anywhere in sight… even if the roads are perfect. *rolleyes*

Time to stretch some linen.

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