The 10:40 train

There’s a road we take near home, one of only a few that crosses rail-road tracks but without the lights and bars and shit. It’s a 45mph zone. The oncoming tack is rather hidden, you really only see it once you’re close enough to the track to not actually be able to stop before hitting the tracks (but maybe if you’re lucky you’ll stop on the tracks…). So along at night it’s nearly impossible to see an oncoming train until you’re in a spot to shit your pants if you see an oncoming train.

It’s seriously fucking startling. And there’s one train that goes through near there at about 10:40 on whatever night here and there… like tonite. I’m sure it’s like the slowest train in the universe precisely because of this situation, but it’s still fucking freaky. And there’s really no way to know without actually stopping before crossing the tracks. And I’m not on a bus, no matter how short ya might think it needs to be. And there’s only been a couple times over the last 5 years where there’s actually been a train there at the precise moment I need to cross the damn thing. But I seriously floor the fucker figuring it’s the only way to avoid being hit. You know, because it’d totally suck to trash the acura like that…

They seriously need to put some damn lights and bars up.

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  1. Yureikuma Says:

    When I was in college (Auburn University) we had a couple of students killed each year at a “no lights/no safety arm” crossing. It finally took a class action lawsuit by the parents of 6 of the dead kids to force the county to install safety equipment.

    As I was a first responder at the time, I had the misfortune of helping to remove “organic debris” from the remains of the vehicles. As a rather poignant postscript, the engineer of one of the trains committed suicide from the guilt of not being able to stop in time.

  2. Aoife Says:

    That’s awful. I mean, sometimes that kind of thing is kids (and certainly not just kids) being stupid, but other times it’s really like the one here… you can’t see and it’s infrequent enough that stopping to look doesn’t seem like a decent alternative.

    There’s another spot here near a high school where there’s no lights/bar/etc. It was on a road, but they took away the road going across the tracks and have those concrete pylons and stuff up. You still hear about someone being (at least) injured there every once in a while. Most everywhere here any tracks that cross non-private roads have the whole caboodle of stuff, I really don’t know why that one spot doesn’t.

    I actually keep meaning to email the town about it… 100 feet away at the next road it crosses it has all the stuff… I don’t know if it was just forgotten, or what. I think it’s the only non-private actual road in the city that’s like that. hmm…

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