There’s something really erotic about grapes, ya know? Maybe it’s because they’re bite sized and squirt in your mouth… I donno. All I know is that whenever I eat grapes I get ideas. Ideas that usually involve some hot red-head (or was I just thinking of you, kit?) and a bottle of something to rub… whilst feeding on grapes. It’s the kind of ideas that could get a girl all hot and bothered and stuff. Strawberries do it to me too. Maybe because they remind me of nipples. And how incredibly tasty nipples can be, ya know? Breasteses are nice, aren’t they? That’s why girls are so great. They have them.

Have I mentioned I have a huge crush on Kari Byron? I so do.

That’s why I need to get back into shape. Life is like super sweet when you can turn yourself on by looking in the mirror… kwim?

I am like so fucking horny and all alone…

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