Adored and Admired

That’s all I really want, you know… to be adored and admired. I don’t want to help you, I just want you to be all thankful to me that I did. I want you to know how totally awesome I am, so that you can spread the word. I’m looking for a cult of love here, and by being a totally awesome person who is just totally cool and awesome, I might be able to get that. Get people to think I’m some great chick that’s all smart and funny and tough and shit… like a cool action heroine or something, ya know? Of course I have the requisite “soft side” where I let down my guard and you see that underneath the brittle exterior is a lonely chick who is afraid of people hurting her or some dumb shit like that… So that, you know, you’ll think I’m even more awesome. Be all protective and shit.

or something like that.

I need to be perfection, but what good is that perfection if it isn’t all admired and crap? I can’t be weak or regular and boring… because everyone else is and so there’s nothing special about that. I need to know stuff so you can be in awe of my awesome knowledge. I need to be good at whatever it is I’m doing so that you can revel and bask in the glory that is me.

or something like that.

Just another Aries moment. Brought to you by Happy Bunny. Because I happened to see the book on my way up to lift. Now I must go lift heavy things and grunt some to stop being such an weird-assed bitch. toodles!

4 Responses to “Adored and Admired”

  1. kitmouse Says:

    I tell you–I have this uncanny ability to gather the Action Heroines around me. ALL of my friends are utterly fantastic and wonderful. It must be my, um, magnetism. ;) We should all be adored and admired!

  2. Aoife Says:

    You were surrounded in my moderate queue by penis enlargement “comments.” There’s something kinda delish about that.

    I’m sure it’s your magnetism (growl!)… I mean, I’m utterly fantastic and wonderful and I’m your friend… so I totally know. ;-)

    ACK! I totally still have crap to mail you. I should prolly get off my ass and do that. kisses!

  3. kitmouse Says:

    Penile enlargement…hell, I can do that just by being me…the things seem to just grow naturally when I’m around… ;)

  4. Aoife Says:

    Oh, I certainly don’t doubt it. :-)


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