What should I have for breakfast?

So we’re heading out in a little while to go for a ride. It took literally FOREVER to get my tires changed yesterday. The levers we had kinda sucked, because when we used the new ones it was much easier, because they could catch the tire and help ease it in. Meanwhile before I discovered the green levers are better than the black ones, Otto’s thumb got all bruised up and it was late into the game, so we didn’t go riding yesterday like originally planed.

I’m hungry. I’m trying to decide what to have for breakfast. I’m conflicted between being lazy (cereal) and wanting something warm and filling (egg,cheese on engrish muffin). I also have the problem of not actually wanting to go downstairs and make anything, which is why it’s now noon and I still haven’t eaten though I’ve been up for quite a while now (I won’t say how long, it’ll just get me in trouble when it gets read).

Have to grocery shop some today, and cook. For real this time. Need a bigger crock pot. The mini one is cool, but it only makes 2 meals, so it’s kinda useless relatively speaking when it comes to cooking for a week. Great for making lunch for the next day… but not so much for the weekend cook-fests I always mean to do and usually don’t get done.

need foooodddd….

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