Too slow

Why do I have to constantly read about people that get to lose a veritable ton of water weight and it never ever happens to me? Why? Why? WHY?!? Not fair! Stoopid fuckers and your stoopid water weight and shit. You all suck.

Don’t tell me I can’t whine. Really the traineo button on the side is lying, since I found out my weight to start was lower than I thought. So really I’m only down about 1/2 that, and that’s crap for “water weight” if you ask me.

It’s been cold so I haven’t tried out my new shoes. Bummer. Oh well. Long weekend, when it warms up I will. Yes, I’m whining about 40 degree weather and I’m a northern girl. So what?

Anyway, I’m just irritated that so many other people are like “hey, it’s only been a week and I lost 8 pounds, WOO HOO!” and I’m sitting here with “typical” results and never get to have a high drop like that… even though I can manage to put ON that kind of weight within a week. Bugger.

Fucking sucks ass.

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