Fuck Panera

So we’re sitting in Panera (or Pantera, as Otto so fondly calls it) and surfing. And upon trying to get to t-nation….

T-Nation blocked

Are you shitting me? It’s categorized as porn or something, apparently. Please. A few chicks in bikinis does not pr0n make.
I really, REALLY hate fucking censorship. Fuck you “Sonic wall” or whatever the fuck you are.

I don’t bother with porn. (I don’t need to because I have my own titties to look at.) So why the fuck can’t I read some health and/or fitness related article on Tnation? (It was actually blocking a pic of a fully dressed and jacked chick who was demonstrating the grip for front squats…)

Time to have Otto see if he can get to Tiny Nipples…
Nope! “Forbidden category ” ” ” They can’t even categorize it?

Fucking Bullshit.

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