Power cage

Did I mention we got one? And that it’s all put together? And that we now literally own a half ton of weight? We’re selling the old squat rack, a bunch of weight we don’t need (we’re also picky about the plates) and everything else we can possibly get rid of.

Eating has been fine. Sometimes too low, occasionally too high. I’m not tracking super close, just cals, not macros, but I think I’m getting in a decent amount of protein. The couple of days I end up too hungry and eat over is usually traced to lower protein intake, I think. I’m trying to get in some creatine a couple days a week… brain function or whatever… it kinda seems to help, and I really don’t want to wind up totally frazzled in April the way I was in December.

Very little pop, still not enough water, and I think the lack of liquid intake is what’s contributing to my headaches. Normally I drink a lot, even if it is pepsi and dew (and diuretic effects are less drastic on habitual drinkers of caffeine), but since cutting out pop there are some days I really don’t drink much. I’ve started a log on traineo for water, hoping that’ll help. Want to find more of those propel packets, that would be great. I’m improving.

I need to catch up on my written log. I need to work out today. I’m planning a small lift in our new stuff and some yoga. I should prolly get to it.

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