another semester comes…

Yesterday was the first day of classes… Acting, which was cancelled due to instructor injury, and Humanities which has no good course description other than the title “The Myths of American Freedom: Buddhism, Bums, and the Beat Generation.” Humanities was fine. Both are supposed to be 3 hour classes, separated by an hour and a half lunch. But, because Acting was only 25 minutes, I sat around for 4 hours yesterday. It just wasn’t worth wasting gas to go places when I didn’t really have anything much to do.

I have to find a piece of poetry or prose which is meaningful to me. Maybe this works better for people who are more sentimental than me. I’m really far too insincere to hold too much as meaningful. I mean, my criteria for liking music is usually 1) can you dance or fuck to it… or 2) are the lyrics naughty/trippy enough to satisfy my inner pervert. So I guess I’m left to choose between White Rabbit, A Stranger, something by Collide, or pretend something all squishy and “meaningful” has meaning for me. I’ve had this instructor before, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t believe me. Prolly wouldn’t care, but still wouldn’t believe me. I seem to always get pegged as a certain kind of person by most of my instructors. They all think I’m weird, a bit off, and hugely perverted. I’ll never understand why.

Why a song? Well, it’s supposed to be prose/poetry/etc and really I don’t read poetry, most of the prose I read is fictional and in the sci-fi/fantasy genres, and music is one of the few things I’m really big into in that way. I listen to music a lot, so really it’s the natural choice. There are a couple quotes that I’ve liked, but that’s a quote, not prose… just doesn’t seem like it fits the bill.

I get to further feed my office supply/stationary fetish. I need a binder for acting and a journal for humanities. So I guess that’s something, right?

I want to go paint.

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