Cool motivator site

So Otto and I have signed up, but the nice thing is that there are 2 membership levels. If you’re not interested in joining, but someone wants you to motivate them, you can have a motivator account.

The site helps you track weight and whatever other logs you want, preset or custom. Some of the preset logs are hours of sleep, happiness, bf%, waistline… I haven’t done anything custom yet, but it’s cool.

You don’t log your food, but you rate how well you ate and how many calories. The calorie intake suggestion for me is fairly decent… 1540, when I usually cut at around 1600. It seems to count “calories burned” from it’s workout list… which I plan on ignoring… I’m kinda trying to not laugh my ass off that the first “workout” on the list is “abdominal crunches.” It actually lists many activities, from various martial arts to running and tennis and child care.

So, if you’re looking for one more place to help keep you motivated, this could be it.

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