It’s been gloomy a lot these couple weeks we’ve had off. FIrst sunny day in a few, and Otto is back at work. Oh well.

I have errands to run, and some of them I’m willing to do just because I need the damn vitamin D, sunshine always makes ya feel better (except when ya have a migraine), right? I don’t think we’ve seen my hair in sunlight yet. It’s much paler, and kinda purple.

Reorganized music a bit on the nano. Realizing that it would be cool to have the red 4gig because it’s red… and it’s 4gig. oh well, not too bothered. It was free, after all.

I might even go for a walk while I’m out. Stop at a park and just chill for a bit.

I think I’m gonna have to lay off the shoulders for a bit. Skip any pressing, horizontal or vertical, and get my shoulders back in shape. I’m thinking inclined pushups and pushup plusses are fine, but other than that no bench, no shoulder press, etc. I don’t know what that means for New Rules, I’ll prolly just sub exercises. Hmm.


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