Weirdness with groceries

Or, at the store, at least. I went shopping last night, and there was a nice woman in the way in the egg area, having just put a carton of eggs in her cart and was looking at whatever was next to the eggs. (I say nice because she excused herself and moved before I even had to say something, which often is rare around here… lately people seem to purposefully get and stay in my way, but maybe it was just their christmas spirit.) Anyway, so I go and grab my omega eggs and head along. She watched me all funny like, looked at my cart (which at that point was filled with veggies, whole grain cereal and vegetarian food), and looked at me. I walked away and she proceeds to turn away from whatever she was getting to contemplate eggs. Weird. Later I see her, her old eggs (normal, styrofoam carton) gone and omega eggs in their stead.

Just one of those odd moments when I have no real idea what the heck is going on but I happen to notice enough to find the whole thing odd. I much prefer being oblivious. Hope she likes her eggs. They are tasty buggers.

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