There are things that help you on your way to your goals. There are things that hinder your way to your goals. And, of course, there are the things that do neither, but then again if it’s not helping then in a way it’s hindering, isn’t it? So, in order to be a bit more focused for a bit a few things aren’t making it into the first few months of the new year with me.

No drinking. It’s not too hard for me, honestly. I only have a drink every so often anyway, and 2 get me well towards smashed. I don’t like being drunk, I don’t particularly enjoy the actual taste of alcohol, and because my friends rarely see me drink, I don’t get harassed about it ever. I do, however, tend to drink at parties/holidays/special occasions. I won’t be. Nothing until my birthday, and although I’m not sure if I’ll bother on my birthday, nothing after that either. Until I am at an acceptable level of bodyfat, that is. Since I intend to be there by EOY, it won’t be forever, but I’m also hoping it’ll help out a few other friends that usually have a harder time not drinking (or drinking as much). Solidarity can help, sometimes. This has started. It’ll be a dry New Year’s celebration for the Aoife. Just as well, the rest of their drunk asses might need a ride home anyway.

Severely limiting pop consumption. While it’s only diet, it still is a couple of 12 packs a week habit for me. It’s expensive (relative to water) and when I’m successful at fatloss, I’m usually cutting back. Hell, the entire time I was running down from 200 I only had water and tea and such. I didn’t like diet and normal was obviously out of the question. It’s not that pop is a hinderance, it’s that I need to be in the mindset again that’s easy to get to when I cut that out. So, we’re looking at only occasional consumption here, no more than one a day, on average. It’s not the caffeine, so tea and coffee and all that crap is fine, it’s the pop itself that’s just going by the wayside for now. Now, if only the frickin water line in the fridge would work… I think it froze or something.

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