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So, I’ve been keeping logs (semi-regularly, usually when I’m “serious” about fitness) for a number of years now. I started losing in April/May 2002… I have a weight log starting in June of 02 putting me at 186 (which I currently can’t find right now). I have logs for weights, measurements, food, workouts, resting heart-rate measurements, caliper measurements, girth measurements…

And I’m compiling them all together to get a good idea of what has come before. I will then have pics of what I looked like at various points to try and have a visual guide.

I can’t necessarily use weight as a measurement for where I want to be. I could probably get down to 120 again, but 120 may be much leaner than when I was 120 last time, since I’ve been lifting for years now and surely have put on a bit more muscle since. Clothing size is probably my main way to decide what is acceptable, but…

I have to be careful. I’ve been looking at pictures that when they were taken I hated. I had a smidge of a bulge here or I wasn’t perfect there… and since they’re real photos, of course they’re gonna be “flawed” … everyone is.

Didn’t realize what I had. Now I see pics that look great despite the few small flaws I hadn’t been able to eradicate. At the time, it was proof I wasn’t getting anywhere, now I see it as proof that I was, but that I’m a bit skewed in how I see myself. Or I was. We’ll see if I still am in a few months.

I had this:

I have no idea how I wasn’t able to see it really, to be happy with it, to work to keep it.
I fucking want them back.

Fucked up shoulders or no, I’ll have them in a year for sure, but I’m shooting for sooner. 135 again by my birthday. 125 or the equivalent by half the year. Ripped like a goddess by Hallowe’en. And by next christmas I’ll be sitting back chillin, having a well-deserved Bailey’sNog, gloating that I’m hotter than most of the other MoWives. Watch me, bitch.

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  1. Aoife Says:

    That was 3/28/2004, my weight was 125.8, the scale read me at 22%

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