After emailing my bio instructor she looked into it and fixed my grade, meaning, if I read her right, that I wind up with an A (she said something about rounding up grades), but even if not I still get a B which is waay better than C, because it doesn’t pull my GPA down.

So, once again I am nice and relaxed and happy.

Otto wonkeyed his back yesterday and I’m incredibly DOMSy so even though I planned on working out some (a walk/run) it’s not really happening. Walking (hobbling) around the house is about all I can manage. On the bright side, it’s not all that bad, it’s just bad enough… tomorrow I’ll be ok for yoga, and I’ll prolly lift a small bit before hand.

After I finish with my max rep tests and Fatloss 2 I’m on to Hypertrophy, and dude is that gonna suck. :-D

I get to watch Otto play FFXII, which is terribly fun to watch, while I get to work on more workout planner sheets for his upcoming workout… strength 1.

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