Grades…. Shit

My grades for the semester are posted. I’m a bit confused and worried, because it seems that the online program used to take the bio course online screwed up my grade, giving me a 5 instead of a 43 on a test (out of 50) that effectively lowers my grade in that class from a 87-90 (depending on how many total points she had) to a 76. My gpa for this semester is at the moment a 3.15. If that class were right in it’s final grade, I’d have a 3.46 or 3.7 for the semester. I’m on the cusp of a total gpa of 3.5, I think I was at 3.49 or 3.48 before the semester began. I’m looking to get it above 3.5, or at least not lower it anymore. (I had a C in sculpture, hence why it’s so low in the first place, otherwise I’d have something like a cum. of 3.6ish.) Dammit.

I sent an email to my instructor, because I’m assuming that online course grade isn’t calculated by her so much as by the program storing the grades, and hopefully it’ll get fixed, as I’m sure she doesn’t think .002 dollars is the same as .002 cents.

I’m happy I got an A in Lit, I really was expecting a B. Just didn’t think my papers would let me have an A, since one was a B and the other I hadn’t gotten a grade back from (handed in after class over). My tests were good, but again there was no confirmation on the last one, since we had it on the very last day of class. We had a total of like 5 grades in that class, 2 papers and 3 tests. I left class with a paper, B, test, A, and test, A, known grades but not the other 2. Apparently it was good enough. Sweet.

Anthropology was an A as well. I’m kinda surprised at this one too, because my tests weren’t all that great, I think I had an A, a C, and 2 Bs. Everything else was good, but I thought I was gonna come out with a B. Pleasantly surprised here too. Sweet.

Design was a B. Not a surprise, as beginning of the semester I really struggled to do a few things, they were simple, made them complicated because I was trying for something that I didn’t quite hit, not bad. If I didn’t screw the second unit up so badly I would have prolly gotten an A. I think it was a pretty high B, because before thoroughly grading my last project she thought it would end up B total, but she wasn’t sure. (Meaning she hadn’t really graded yet, but that I’d either get a high B or low A, not a surprised the initial projects that I was crappy on pulled it down enough.) I’m not unhappy. Individual projects that I worked hard on got As. But A means excellent, not all my projects were excellent, some were just good. :-D

Now If I can just get that Bio grade fixed, I’ll be happy. I really hope she gets back to me and it’s not a pain in the ass…

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