Lasagna and Pie

Since I’m not a turkey lover, and since we don’t have enough people eating turkey around here to be free from weeks of left-overs, I made lasagna thursday. It was damned tasty. I assume the meat version was also. We got mini pies, so that we didn’t have assloads of pie staring us in the face for the next few days, begging to be gobbled up. They were tasty, and they are gone. The meat lasagna only had one “bad” ingredient… the sausage. The beef was super lean, the noodles were whole wheat, there was cottage cheese (low-fat) and ricotta and skim mozzarella. Basically, it was a fairly clean dish, and my version was even better. Don’t worry though, I made up for it by consuming copious amounts of chocolate, alcohol (not copious, but more than lately), and eggnog. All in all, I certainly ate too much, and the scale shows it. What fun! :-)

Speaking of fun, we got games to keep Otto entertained on his vacation. (I have vacation too, but I have to write papers, do projects and labs and readings, and cook and clean, so it’s only a psuedo-vaca for me.) We got FFXII and Mario v. Donkey Kong (ds). Both are incredible fun. Seriously.

So, all in all it’s been fun. Sunday we’ll prolly catch the new Bond, and other than that we be just chillin (and me procrastinatin on my 2 papers due).

Hope your holiday went well, and if you aren’t here in the states or don’t partake of the holiday, have a nice weekend.

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