Portfolio time

So, as I had pointed out to me an opening at the new Trader Joes going in some plaza in a few months for a sign painter, and as they are wanting to see portfolios from contestants (I mean contenders)… I’m seriously needing to get my portfolio in order. I’m starting now to sort through the coupla things I have I think might be worth using, assuming my pics don’t suck (which is my usual worry, since some of the pieces may not be awful, the pics are sometimes bad).

This, of course, makes me feel all insecure and like my work is crap (because I’m not scottish). It also makes me wonder what exactly I should and shouldn’t put in a portfolio.

So, I think I’m gonna take pics of what I have, get prints of like 8×10, and take them in monday to ask Kelly about. Then, I’ll feel somewhat more confident about what I have and take places to show my work.

I also need to do more work.


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