More work

I got around to working a bit more on my stylist’s painting, of her and her son at his wedding. If I can eke out a couple minutes a day whilst working on other things, I could prolly get it done by next week. I have next week off, but I’ll be writing a paper and doing design work, so it’s not so much a vacation as a day off of school.

I like my new easel. We’re slowly rearranging the studio to accommodate both of us, and setting away supplies/projects that aren’t in use any more into cold storage. At least, that’s the plan.

My latest design project is pop art inspired. Taking a simple image of an object (drawn or from photo) and representing it 3 different ways color-scheme-wise. The simplest pic I had in iPhoto that seemed worth doing was my bike. (You know, the one I’ve not ridden but more than a dozen or so times? heh.) Anyway, I have other homework to do as well, but at least I am managing to get in some non-school related painting done as well.

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