I am Klaus

I got a message in my inbox today, delivered, of course, by tube. It’s too bad this shit is clogging them.

Hello, my Friend!
It’s such a nice day and I am in a good mood, are you?
I am a lonely girl who is looking for sincere and open love and feelings. My heart desires to be connected with a
good, responsible man who will support and help me and to whom I will present all my tenderness and love I have inside.
Do you want to learn me better? I do! :) Let’s start corresponding and I hope our hearts are the two halves of one
big romantic miracle. I will open my personality to you and I want to learn you better too.
You can easily find me here ((delete, I’m not fucking ok with the advert, fuckhead))
I am waiting for your letter, don’t make me wait for all my life…



Can’t they do better?
“a lonely girl looking for love and feelings?” PUH-LEEZE! “I will present all my tenderness?” ooooohhh-kaaay.
Where the hell do these people come from that they think this will work?

So, let me close by saying that I hope our hearts are the 2 halves of one big romantic piece of shit. Please stick around to learn me better.

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