Totally. Sheesh.
I hate DOMS. I hate it even more that I like it.
You know, how twisted is that?
You know you like it too.
You like the feeling of having your ass kicked by shiney/maybe-not-so-shiney heavy pieces of iron. Feel like a whiney little baby, who can’t wait to get in and do it all over again, just as soon as your frikkin lats stop screaming at you to stop reaching for things more than 5 inches away from your body, as soon as your stupid delts stop yelling about how there’s nothing THAT IMPORTANT that HIGH UP. You know what I’m saying.

I’m in pain and I hate/love/hate/love it.
Fucking iron.

One of these days, it’ll be enough weight that someone other than my fucking glutes will be impressed with the poundage.

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