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Wednesday I didn’t do yoga… forgot. I lifted instead. New Rules Fatloss 2 is suckky. I keep getting cramps in my calves, mainly my right calf. Wednesday was better. I could do everything but the last set of the barbell push-pulls. However, I’m gonna have to sub it out for dumbbells, because the barbell with that motion bothers my shoulders. The somewhat restricted movement isn’t comfortable, and one of my shoulders tend to suffer, if not both.

Yesterday I had planned on cardio. I didn’t get to much, about 5 minutes on the elliptical, and then calf cramp made me stop.

Today, however, I went to the gym with Otto to cardio and get in a bit of yoga. Cardio was intervals, 1 min with 2 minute rests, my heartrate getting up to 170 on the work intervals, down to 140 on the rests. 4 intervals, with warmup it was 15 minutes. Then I got in a good 15 minutes of a modified sun salutation and a couple of inverted poses. I feel MUCH better. My glutes and hamstrings had been tight and DOMSy, but not really anymore. The inversion (shoulder stand) helped …not so much recompress as kinda slip together… my spine, and the nerve feedback has once again started to decrease.

I still need to get a better handle on my food, but I made chili last night and it is damn frikkin yummy. And there’s like a metric ass-ton of the stuff, so that’ll tide me over till I get around to making a few other yummy things as well. I’m thinking that having a thing of chili, a thing of pasta, and some normal “veggie food” around should help. Prolly will start making a concerted effort to eat more salads. I don’t usually get salad stuff because since I can’t/don’t eat it all before it goes bad, it goes bad and therefore I don’t eat it. but maybe I’ll see about having something I make up and split with Sandy or something. Too bad Otto doesn’t like salad. He’s come a rather long way on some other foods he wasn’t ever interested in having before, but I don’t think leafy greens is gonna be one of them for a bit yet.

I need to increase my water intake. That’s prolly a portion of what the problem is with the cramping. I’m also thinking that a small half-scoop shake and a bar would work out well in the mornings on my way to school. The protein tends to make me feel on the oogy side, but that’s mainly because I have them on an empty stomach after workouts. If I change it and drop down the amount, using it as a reason to get in some creatine, it might help some.

Sandwiches are still easiest to deal with for lunch, but pasta works out well too, because I don’t mind eating it cold. Sure, there’s a place to reheat that stuff, but I really am kinda creeped out by the microwaves in the cafeteria. I just need to be sure I have enough without having too much. I literally end up brain dead mondays and wednesdays, and I want to change that.

I’ve been hanging out a bit at JPs trying to rekindle a bit of interest in maintaining my workouts over the long run. It’s not so much the place, maybe in part, it’s more the fact that if I spend a bit of time somewhere fitness related it tends to make me tell myself to get offa my ass and do something. Which kinda helps some, I suppose. (ok, really I’m in it for the NSFW threads, but that’s just because I’m a horny little slut. heh)

Still trying to find a way to not have my workouts make me A) ravenous (or at least very hungry) and B) exhausted. That’s ALWAYS a problem I have, and probably part of the reason I find it so damn tough to maintain long periods of working out. I just don’t have the damn energy for it. I guess this is why I’m hoping the creatine will help. hmm…

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