2 new tires

And an alignment. My car drives better, which is nice. But now it’ll try to find a new way to kill me in the coming weeks, I’m sure.

I’m bummed, as it used to be that our Whole Foods used to carry dextrose in bulk, but apparently no more. I’ll need to ask around and see if somewhere else does, but otherwise I guess we’ll need to find a place to order it online. It would make shakes taste much better, and I could use it in a coupla recipes.

I’m not eating well, most of the time. I’ve again fallen into the habit of high carb no protein things that I can easily grab, and then I end up spending the day on spaz/crash cycles. It sucks that I’m a slacker.

Each semester seems to end up this way… by half way through I’m slogging through bad eating habits and tired days because of a diet that sometimes consists of 70% carb. And, of course, I’d be willing to bet my upticks in weight and body measurements strongly correlate, if I actually was tracking my eating, weight, and measurements.

Yes, I’ve been slacking on that one too. I tend to forget monday and wednesday mornings, since I need to get my ass to class. Then I tend to forget to write it down when I do remember to weigh, so it’s like I didn’t bother in the first place, because after a coupla days, I forget.

My memory goes to absolute shit by this point in the semester. 6 weeks left. -ish. 3 papers will be due, at least 2 more projects, 6 more tests, and more reading than I can possibly actually do in a meaningful way. I’m way too damn old for this shit. Way too old. :-)

At least I’m feeding my husband well. Mostly.

It sucks that Whole Foods and the Fresh Market have such yummy looking treats. SHEESH! Did pretty well, but still.

I’m reassessing. I’m making my own damn life miserable by not attending to my nutrition properly. It should be easy. I should be able to just grab a shitload of stuff labeled “gardenburger” “boca” “amys” and such and have food. I just don’t. I forget. I put it off. I worry about what I’m feeding someone else, not myself. Hell, I’m fucking sitting here the other day telling my sister I’d make her food so she eats better… since she tends to fall into the same trap I do. Physician, heal thyself? (note: I is no doc, but I did stay at a holiday inn express once.)

So I’m gonna get up and make my husband food for tomorrow. I’m gonna clean the kitchen. And I’m gonna make food for me. It’s tres important I do this. I need to eat to be able to do well in school and to have the energy to actually lift heavy things multiple times in a row. Funny with how incredibly egocentric I am, I have a hard time taking care of myself. That just doesn’t seem right. I’m also gonna get out a cardio tonite.


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  1. kitmouse Says:

    Oi, babe. I completely sympathize with the school stress thing. I’m about at the same point timewise–7 weeks left. I’ve just started an internship, and it’s got me running off my feet! The upside of that, though, is that I have NO time for anything other than treating patients. No snacking, no idle sitting at a desk. Hell, I usually don’t even have time for a gulp of water! Just time to wash hands and get off to the next patient. And since I’m interning at a hospital (and have only half an hour to gulp something down at lunchtime) I’m packing my own healthy stuff. Salad, yogurt, turkey rollup. Hopefully I’ll get my energy back after I get used to running around for hours at a time.

    Take care of yourself, babe. You’re worth it. Put the energy into it.

  2. Aoife Says:

    My problem is that I am NOT on my feet. I’m at home, doing homework, reading, writing… School days are bad because I have stopped making sure I had lunch ready the night before, and selection at school is not always all that great (actually, it’s never that great, save the salad bar, which isn’t always advisable). Non-school days are bad because I’m either munchy or not ever eating. I need to get some decent snacky veggies for home.

    Which, on the bright side, the bestest store to get produce and meat and such has just moved, and now is like 5 minutes away. heck, I could ride to it if I weren’t such a lazy shit. :) The route there is even a nice “slow speed” one, so there’s no real danger of getting hit. I’m too lazy to ride, but maybe some days I might use it as an excuse.

    So, basically, it’s not a huge thing for me to run out for some healthy food if I’m hungry anymore, whereas before it kinda was.
    It’s just so damn easy to put off taking care of oneself, even when it requires barely any effort.

    Good to see you still alive, love. (albiet swamped as you are.)

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