Damn stupid car

Since I haven’t gotten an alignment since flying into a ditch last December, and since I misunderstood how the car’s alignment was fucked up and the relationship of fucked up alignment to tire issues (yes, I know it makes for badly uneven wear on the tire, I just thought it’d be the other side of the tire, that I can see and that I was checking), I now have to get a new tire, and I should get an alignment as well, and potentially my other tire might be far gone as well, but maybe not.

I’d been checking my tires, because I knew it was hugely out of alignment still, but I didn’t have time/energy/money/inclination to get an alignment… I have been checking. But I thought the outside of the tire would be the part with the extra wear, not the inside. sigh

So the tire blew out yesterday. On the way to school. Sucks ass, it does. Fortunately, I was able to change the darned thing, which is nice since there had been times before when the bolts were too tight, even jumping on the damn thing wouldn’t help. And it was daylight. The last time I lost a tire (other than the trip to the ditch, of course), it was dark and I was in a Lowe’s Food parking lot. Couldn’t see a thing, had trouble getting the tire off because of too-tight bolts, and the asshats in the store gave me a hugely hard time when I went in and asked for a smidge of fucking help. (You’ll note I’ll NEVER shop there, and I’ve pretty much bad-mouthed them bunches, so I don’t give a flip anymore, but geeze, fucking heaven forbid one of your fellow humans asks for a wee bit of help in a matter that will cost you nothing but a few seconds of time whilst you’re working at a job you probably don’t really like anyway… fucktards.)

So, great. Now I’m stuck with more fucking repairs on a car that hates my guts and is constantly trying to kill me one way or another. If it weren’t for the fact that all this shit is STILL probably less money than going out and getting another, I’d have done so by now. But a couple hundred dollars once or twice a year (if that) is better at this time than a couple hundred a month in payments, so I guess I shut up now and call about tires and alignments.


On the bright side, at least it was just a POP, and not some huge blowout with skidding and lack of control and all ruined rims, so that’s a good thing…. -ish.

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