Remaking Aoife

So I got my hair done for Hallowe’en, just like I do every year. This year, however, was a bit different, and apparently people took a bit to notice.
… that my hair was real.

I’ve not had hair this light since I was 2. The lightest I’ve had my hair as a non-toddler was the summer when I was 14ish and had a couple bottles of sun-in and some free time… and it was not super freekin pretty (but nearly ginger… heh).

dark hair aoife aoife light hair

My stylist is a bit proud of her work. I’m still getting used to my hair, it’s totally weird.
12 inches was donated to Locks of Love.

It’s 70 degrees out, I’m gonna go get some sun. :-)

2 Responses to “Remaking Aoife”

  1. Mrs_B Says:

    Wow… look amazing….What kind of feedback are you getting it? (besides me of course)

    I’m getting my ‘do done this Friday and your hair is giving me ideas……hmmmmm now the question is to cut or not to cut (my hair is not nearly as long as yours was but it is still a bit of a security blanket for me).

  2. Aoife Says:

    Yesterday most people thought it was a wig. Mostly it seems to be shocking, and that’s assuming someone realizes it’s me. heh.

    I’m not terribly attached to my hair. It’s healthy and nice, but it grows quickly, so I can do nearly anything I want to it. I take care of it, but I’ve gotten over the “needing” my hair… when I was little I wanted long, and I prefer long (I wasn’t allowed to have long hair when I was little), but it isn’t a necessity. Next year this time my hair will be back where it was, if not sooner. I already have roots, and it was dyed friday.

    I usually have fun with my hair. After all, it’s only hair. It’ll grow back. :-)

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