Last night was fairly entertaining, if rather tiring. Hard to keep eyes open on the drive home, but I managed. Otto got drunk, Aoife didn’t. The first is common for Hallowe’en, the latter isn’t. But, had to drive, didn’t have much to eat yesterday, and would have had to pay for drinks, and those things usually mean I don’t drink much, if anything. Most other people were drunk, however, so I’m sure that makes up for my lack of insobriety.

The camera’s date got messed up. So most of my pics are from “10/10/06″ and a few from the night before. I have no idea what the fuck was up with the camera. I fixed it, but I forgot to before last night, and now I’m not sure I can actually alter the files to be the proper date. The time was also off, but that concerns me less than the date.

Since Tik’s party was cancelled, we headed out with Cat to crash some party in Raleigh then headed a block or so down to a bar I suddenly can’t remember the name of next to IHoP. Stayed there till last call, then pretty much just went home. Sandy came along and Erica and Bryan showed, so it was a few people we knew. A couple of Cat’s friends we had met before, but mainly the house party was somewhat … eh. Not horrible, but a lot of standing/sitting around talking and since I didn’t know people I didn’t feel like talking to them. Most conversations didn’t seem all that interesting, all in all not much of a rowdy bunch. Hopefully the house will be in decent shape next year such that there’s the possibility of having people over if there isn’t much else.

My ears still hurt a little bit. I didn’t really use any stuff to remove them and the latex peeeeeeled off slowly, painfully, and with a bit of hair attached. Oh well. I’m still tired, but I can’t sleep. Hence, pics.

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