Tired mumbling

I’ve been exhausted lately. Not sure why. I can’t keep up with the readings, either. I’m gonna start a dailyish dosing of creatine, see if that changes anything (physically or otherwise). It’s been really gloomy, and I haven’t necessarily been eating well. I haven’t gotten in enough … I donno… it seems like I’m just not eating quite what I should to have energy.

Otto’s been looking at revamping his food a bit, and I’m thinking I should too. There are days where I’m sure my protein is too low and I’m mainly eating carbs. It’s just easier to make sure he gets what he needs more than it is to make sure I do. I have less motivation to make myself get rounded enough meals. Some days I even sorta fall into the trap of eating too little, though rarely on purpose. I’m really eating just below maintenance, so I should be fine. Which means it’s probably my food choices failing me here.

So, I’m basically preparing myself for the possibility of creatine fucking with my weight. I’m not doing loading and cycling and crap, just one dose a day, because it’s of course quite likely that I don’t get enough, since I no eaty the meaty unless the meaty is my sweety.

Went for a run last night. No idea how fast I was going. Faster than 5mph, by a bit, overall, I think. We have a route that means we can go downhill (usually a very gradual, hardly noticeable downhill) for the majority of a mile without any uphill.

Running uphill reminds me of old nightmares, when I was trying to run away from someone/something and couldn’t really, usually was tearing at the grass trying to pull myself along. That and running uphill is hard. I can do it some, but it shortens my sprinting time and tires me sooner. So, for the moment I’m usually running the flat to sloped down areas near home.

I guess I shouldn’t care about the creatine fucking with my weight… I have nearly 5# fluctuations during the week anyway… which is about what I’ve managed to lose since I started cutting again.

On the bright side, my muscles are harder and more poppy… like arms and butt… but then I’m barely looking it because of the extra non-lean mass on top of it. I’m still hot though. Just tired.

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