So, I’ve downloaded and installed Tangerine. So far, it seems ok. It doesn’t seem to have done a bad job of setting the bpm, though granted, I didn’t check many yet. Annoying thing is that I can’t seem to make a playlist. It gives me the dialog to, but then doesn’t seem to actually be creating anything. I will have to look into it. It seems to work for Otto ok, although I think it’s crashed on him a bit, but he’s tried to do more than I have. I’ll give it a bit before saying yea or nay. At least it has set my bpm, which is niceish. Now if it would just make the playlist so I can test how useful it is to actually have.

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  1. Jin Kim Says:


    Thank you for blogging about Tangerine! We would like to send you a license for Tangerine! but we couldn’t locate your email address.

    Please contact us. Thanks.

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