Functionally Hot

It’s weird. Maybe it’s why I can’t seem to use weight (or even size) as a true goal for me. A) I don’t really care. B) I’m not all that vain, certainly not vain enough to step away from the cookies. C) What makes me feel hot is not the way I look.

Well, sometimes it is. I mean, if I’m dressed all hot, and look all hot, I tend to feel hot. But, what actually gets me going is when I feel good. When I do something that makes me feel strong/fast/fit. I don’t need to be a wasted away little model to be hot. I need to be able to lift heavy things and junk like that. I like it when I make progress. When I can run for longer, when I get to up the weight I’m lifting. (I also like complaining about how much I have to lift, and how little I can lift. It amuses me to compare myself to my behemoth of a husband.)

Basically, I’m hot because of what I can do, not because of what I look like. (It’s also true that I feel hot after any decent accomplishment… physical, mental, whatever.) Now, I look ok enough that the way I look doesn’t detract from how I feel most of the time, but it’s really not about how I look.

So this might be why I do much better with functional goals rather than vain ones. Sure, looking extra super great naked would be nice, but it takes hella lot of effort for that. I wasn’t even totally satisfied when I was “there”(ish) …thanks obnoxious belly.

quick Robin! The shark repellent!

So, it’s hard to get all pumped to get somewhere I only sorta care about. “Look good naked” is just a phrase I use because everyone uses it, and because it has the word naked in it. I like naked. It rates up there with ’sex’ and ‘fuck.’ Nice ring to it, makes people giggle.

But being able to do stuff… that makes me hot. I like being handy, I like being smart, I like being strong. Because that’s what being hot is to me. So, those are the goals I set. Those are the goals I need to set. Those are the things I will see through. And they happen to be happily measurable, as well.

To hotness… And Beyond!

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