At least I’m not that bad

It’s a trap, you know. The phrase “at least I’m not as bad as (that person)”… It’s a way to feel better about yourself when you haven’t done anything to actually feel good about, but at least you’re not as fat as Tubby McCankles over there. I’ve seen people do it, and really, it’s not helping your case. It’s not helping you to make whatever it is you’re doing “wrong” right. You’re not slowing down on the over-consumption of alcohol/cigarettes/twinkies. It’s not getting you a new job/apartment/boyfriend.

And, of course, the thing is I have, in the past, found myself doing that. Usually when I was still 200 pounds lamenting the fact that I didn’t start losing weight 2/6/12 months ago.

It’s like an overextension of “what you should be thankful for.” You know, at least you’re not starving in Ethiopia, therefore things aren’t that bad, your life isn’t total shit, people have it worse than you do. But then it twists into something that can make you feel superior to other people, rather than luckier than others. It goes from something that can help you keep your life in perspective “at least I have a job and am not homeless, that’s something;” to something that can keep you in stasis because you’re “not as fat as that person over there.”

You’re not better than someone else just because you’re not at the point they are yet. Hell, you’re not even better than most people, period. But just like a girl will keep around a “fat friend” or an “ugly friend” to feel better about herself… so will people look at someone fatter/uglier/drunker/whatever than them and feel a bit of solace that they’re not that far gone yet.

At least, for the betterment of yourself, use that to your advantage to actually improve the things you’re trying to find others worse than you in. Then, you *do* have something to be proud of. You’ll be 20 pounds less and feeling better about yourself. You’ll not be bingeing every thursday, friday, and saturday night and actually be able to experience friday, saturday, and sunday mornings, and your liver can take a break.

“At least I’m not THAT bad” is a trap. Actually DO something to improve your life to have something to be proud of yourself for. Save the “at least I have it better off” for the times when you’re being glad you have it better in life than those poor starving children in Ethiopia. You know, so that then you’ll eat your veggies instead of flushing them down the toilet, because you are lucky enough to have food, and they aren’t.

Just remember that you don’t need to clean your plate if you’re not hungry anymore.

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