If you died today

There was a post on … boingboing, maybe… the other day, talking about basically people dying and taking their passwords to their grave with them. Which has kinda gotten me thinking.

Based on the roles of people in a relationship, would your spouse/partner/family/whatever be screwed by you not having left behind easy to find important information? Passwords, account numbers, whatever. Would your SO know which bills were due when and what the password is on your online accounts? I mean, sure, some things you’ve used a bullshit password that’s like your dog’s name or something for your online stuff that doesn’t matter, but usually people tend (I would think) to pick decent passwords for their utility websites passwords, banking passwords, etc. (Granted, from stories I hear from Sandy about how stupid some people are when it comes to their finances and security, some people have passwords their kids could fart out easily, but I’m assuming a certain savvyness from “most” people that means you don’t just give your SSN and bank information to any person who calls asking.)

Just a passing thought…

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