I have this fucking amazing capacity to just fuck shit up. Really, nothing makes a girl feel more like a failure than fucking up the little things. No wonder I don’t get anywhere with anything. I’m like my own worst fucking enemy… and that really doesn’t bode well for those around me. I swear, one of these fucking days I’m gonna burn the damn house down. What fucking sucks is that I can’t seem to fucking fix it. I try. I always fuck it up again, though. It’d be nice to think it’s like genetic or something. But, really, when you fuck up, you know it’s your own damn fault.

Funny, because I thought I was doing well yesterday. Thought I was fine. Was glad I had things under control, everything was gonna get done on time, and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Not funny, so much as I should have fucking known better. I don’t ever get everything under fucking control. I should have known I fucked up something.


Ever feel like you can’t ever get things fucking right?

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