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So, we’ve got Google Analytics on our sites, which is kinda a nifty thing. I can see where people come from (referred, searched, directly stopped by, etc) and what they were looking for when they come to my site.

Otto gets all sorts of normal stuff, while I get the weird shit. Some of the terms people have searched for and gotten to my blog with are odd. There is, of course, at least a couple times a month someone with a search with the word ‘hentai’ in it. There’s some other kooky stuff, some “normal” shit, and the occasional thing that makes me wonder what they were really looking for.

This past week includes searches with keywords of “fuck 21 girls” and “how straight girls can sleep WITH CHICKS” (caps as actually searched) that fall into the “somewhat odd” category… but that’s my classification, of course. The fun one this week is “harvey birdman muzak.” And the one that’s the sheer huh? would be “daughter horsey daddle” … I’m not sure if I want to know what that’s supposed to be about. Prolly my sick little brain overworking something totally innocent, some stick-horse product search or something like that… but who knows? Maybe I’m just creeped out by the fact that the spell checker is suggesting “paddle” in the place of “daddle” here.

Anyway, just thought I’d share a small wtf moment.

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