My problem

My problem with this assignment (see below) is not that I’m incapable of doing it. It’s that I’m incapable of doing it well in 2-3 pages. I could do a fine-assed job in a 5-10 page lit analysis paper. But, damn. Trying to cram all the cruft floating around in my head in and still have it mean something in 2-3 pages is a pain in the ASS. And it gave me a huge headache to boot. (or maybe that was the lack of caffeine.)

It’s over, so is the rest of the test that we took in class… short answer. That, I prolly did reasonable on. Optimistically I’d say I passed, pessimistically I’d say I suck ass and only danced around the issue instead of presenting it well and didn’t pass. I guess I’d be surprised if I got an F, but I don’t know if I would be if I got a D. I’d also be surprised if I got anything higher than that.

But then, it’s also a matter of my insecurity about not being perfect and my own high standards… I mean, I thought I was gonna flop a few of my last class’ papers and she was super damn impressed with every one (I even got A’s and bonus points on the ones I handed in late… screwy!).

I don’t particularly care anymore, though. I’m not much of a worrier once something is done with and out of my hands. Same goes for my anthropology test today. I prolly got like an 85 or so, because dates confound me. Always have, always will.

I don’t have any more homework really this week, which is nice. It’s some break or other. I will have reading to do before wednesday and a lab for … I donno, wednesday or thursday, but tonite I’m fuckin chillin.

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