Top 10

For no particular reason (other than to stall on dealing with my take-home-test for lit class due tomorrow), I’ve happened to look and see what my top 10 most played songs in iTunes are.

They are:
Send Me an Angel (Zeromancer)
415 (Prosolar Mechanics)
Alive (Mail Order Bitch)
Emotional Disconnection (Mail Order Bitch)
The Hand that Feeds (NIN)
Army of Me (Bjork)
Red Down the Middle (Prosolar Mechanics)
Chromebitch (Zeromancer)
Tempted (Collide)
Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)

Of course, before my iPod, music listening wasn’t in iTunes, so really this is only over the last year at best.

What I find most weird is that there is no Tool in the top 25. This is, of course, because of the above mentioned reason, before I had my iPod, all my listening was usually on cd, usually the mp3 cd player in my car, and therefore not logged. So it’s just weird that sort of shift that I can see, based on what I know from before.

I suppose I should be back to work on my test…


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