Hard to top

It’s awfully hard, in my mind, to top this example of extreme nerdiness.

Olduvai Gorge is the rock quarry area where the remains of Homo habilis was first discovered. It seems H.habilis was the first stone tool maker, and from this idea we get the whole “stone age” thing.

So these stone tools are called Oldovan pebble tools.
(H.habilis was discovered by Mary and Louis Leakey.)

I’m taking a practice quiz for my anthropology test on the subject tomorrow.
The first question on the test was:

Homo habilis was discovered by
a. the Leakeys.
b. Don Johanson.
c. Raymond Dart.
d. C.K. Brain.
e. Oldowan Kanobi.

THAT, is just plain bad.

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