Forgot lunch (actually forgot last night to make something, don’t feel like going out now) today. Don’t really care.
Class in an hour, notes to type up, no sleeping.
Vaguely vague. Extremely mellow.
Thoughts I’ve had, no desire to actually write. Say, maybe, but typing is slow enough to cause delay in thought, I get lost. It’s easy to do that when you’re Aoife.

I think my meaning is many times unclear. I think my tone is off. Even those who don’t know me (or “know” me) read as meaner than I mean. Rectify the situation, I cannot. So say nothing, I will. Better than foot-in-mouth.

Thinking nothing.
Want to do nothing.
Bored, have things to do.
Not interesting things.

Come along, I suppose, I need to get it done. Don’t want to, don’t really care. Absent before, probably doesn’t matter, haven’t caught up, oh well. Not read, not written, nothing done.

Trippy music sometimes doesn’t help. Imagine that.
The swirling is fun, sometimes but not at the moment.

Keep typing “something” when I mean “sometime.” Typos galore. Can’t be a good sign, can it?

Worry not. Now is not the time for that. Now it’s just rest and do. Complete to get it ok. Quality likely doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, I have nothing to say.

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